Car is having it's roll cage fitted, so for a while I've been twiddling my thumbs getting pretty bored on weekends! However a while back I bought a set of 5 BBS rims from a chap on the e30zone for a very good price. The tyres were no good - fine it meant they were cheap. The rims were tatty - so even cheaper! They weren't buckled and that's all I cared about. The series I'm hoping to join is the Marangoni Production BMW Championship who use a single 15" Marangoni control tyre. So you just need the right rims and you order your tyres with Kwik Fit.

Back to the BBS alloys, when I say they were tatty, well here's a picture:

15 BBS Dirty

There's a a decent amount bit of flaking and quite a lot of dirt. Most of the dirt went:

BBS 15 Cleaned

I took it inside, gave it a good clean with a tea towel and really got to work cleaning and drying the surface. I wasn't expecting to do a professional job, just as long as the came out respectable. So two coats of primer, with the help of a spot lamp to quicken the drying process(!). Two coats of the remains of my Dolphin Grey paint from the rear arch (I think in retrospect the main colour coat is only meant to be used once? A second coat really darkens it as it did on my arch repair. Oh well!). Then, three coats of lacquer. And voila:

BBS 15 Painted

There's another nice high res image if you click the picture.

They are dark grey but nice and shiny! They came out even better than I was expecting. Just have 2 or 3 more to do, but I'll need more paint! No need to mask the tyres either - as they are going in the eco bin!

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