The Beamer's back on my drive at last! As of last night, so have been busy already. Took out the Aerial mechanism to sell, wired in the high level light splicing into the existing brake light wiring. Loving my multimeter so damn handy, and means no cutting into the wrong wires!

High level light

Also removed the 17" Alpina replicas and fog lights to sell. Kind of need to eat this month, and the roll cage was expensive... talking of expense, had the silly idea of updating my cost spreadsheet. Bad idea.Since June, including tools, racewear, parts, car etc, I've spent £5600... but I have made back £160 in selling car bits that I no longer need - so that's practically paid for itself then!


I should also say, my local garage have welded in the tow strap I bought a while back, put the replacement windscreen in and fixed in the harness eye bolts and spreader plates, 4 each side passenger and driver's - though I might as well do the two sides for future. Included in the work was picking the car up from the rollcage fitters, and dropping it back off to me, saving a small fortune in trailer hire!

Also making me happy is the front lateral cage bar was moved up a touch specifically to allow me to pur the dashboard windscreen vents in. Turns out all is well!

Lateral roll cage bar dashboard

These are mandatory for the PBMW series, and it makes sense to keep windscreen blowers. I had to force each one in so will screw from the top of the dash hopefuly.

I've spent the last couple of days playing with my new favourite substance - Hammerite, as both footwells are a bit shabby and worrying too easy to rust. I've also started sealing up bulkhead and floor holes (like where the roll cage goes to the front turrets) with plastic based filler, that's the next update!

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