Going to Autosport international was a kick up the backside for me. I bumped into a few people I knew, had some conversations and it got me thinking. I spent some re-visiting Racing Mentor articles and videos. One of themes of advice is to treat your racing like a business, not just something you love doing but then money is an after thought. As a mindset change, it's quite a powerful suggestion.

So, as I'm employing myself, what responsibilities should I have? Because the one thing I know is the root cause of my problem is I never dedicate enough time. Whether it's the car setup, sponsorship, fitness, preparation, it goes on... so what should I be making myself do? As a fun exercise I've made a job description - for myself....

Club racing driver & team owner

Job role in a nutshell

You will be single-handedly responsible for all logistic, mechanical, operational, financial, and driving duties. You will be expected to be resourceful and seek advice in areas you lack expertise. You should have an ambition to succeed.

Skills and experience needed

  • Good mechanic skills
  • Reasonable grasp of marketing
  • Some knowledge of business
  • Racing aptitude
  • Good resourcefulness and organisation skills


  • Marketing of the brand through digital and traditional press channels
  • Raising continuous budget through sponsorship and partnerships
  • Maintaining a basic level of driver fitness
  • Continual self development of racing skills and track knowledge
  • Car preparation and maintenance
  • Raceday and testing operations

The role also requires a valid driving license, as well as a competition race license. It will also comprise of travelling several hundred miles and several nights away from home.


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