This was another fact finding mission, and another chance for me to meet the PBMW guys (as well as thank Tom Ibrahim, driver representative in person for help with the roll cage people!). Finally I wanted to see a snapshot of a weekend, how it panned out, and I got a rough idea.

Firstly though, I have to get this out the way. I did see a couple of very fine cars as you'd expect at a motorsport event:

Ferrari 308

I'll modestly admit the one on the left was actually mine, the red car wasn't too shabby either...

What I came to see though was these guys (apologies for the shoddy photos from my phone):

PBMW Silverstone May 2012

This was the afternoon PBMW race, where (as I'm sure can be found on Youtube!), Ben Winrow (on the right) started from the back and overtook all bar the first two cars. Sadly he didn't overtake too many where I was standing - which was a bit inconsiderate, but anyway.

There were also some of these from the F3 Cup:

F3 Cup

And these from the GT Cup Championship:


...and the SuperPro VAG Trophy:

SuperPro VAG Trophy

Now I'm a bit "tight". Okay I'm spending a small fortune on crazy racing car dreams, but I'm quite stingy with money when I'm not being stupid and impulsive. But even I thought this whole day, at a tenner per person, is ridiculously great value for money. At Silverstone too! Genuinely enjoyed my first visit to a competition day, with an interesting mix of cars. Watching a Renault Clio, in the MSV Trackday Trophy, stack into a pile of cars leaving his bumper behind (I presume it's still there...) would have been reason enough to enjoy the experience. I highly recommend anyone who hasn't been to one of these days to take themselves and the family down.

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