Club RacingAlways fancied going motor racing but don't know where to start? Splendid... simply follow the easy steps below!

Step 1) Get your competition licence from the MSA

Step 2) Get in touch about an excellent car sharing opportunity in the Production BMW championship

Step 3) Buy your helmet and clothing, and go racing...

Of course, there's a lot to pick up in addition to the above, but if you really want to go circuit racing please get in touch. Like most competitors, I'm looking to offset my own racing costs, and car shares are a great way to do this as well as getting people their first taste of racing. I'm also more than happy to pass on my own limited experience, so give me a call or use the contact facility.

Next year I'm hoping to enter the Production BMW Championship, a friendly budget but competitive club  series - for details see here:

0-Double-Seven-24 849 704

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