After the relief of the Brands shunt that it could have been worse for me (just a little lower back ache a couple of days later), I was pretty okay about the uncertainty around the car. If it was a write-off, most of the motorsport components could be re-used, and I had a generously donated shell lined up if need be. I obviously would rather use the existing shell i'd poured the last 3 years into. As it turned out the chassis was measured and checked, and it's currently in the garage getting repaired.

We're also going for a new timing belt and water pump as I've risked it a touch with a few years since the last set (!). The engine mounts will need replacing as one was ripped in the smash, which is also a chance to replace the OEM bushes with harder race spec ones that will tolerate the loads. The engine will have a compression test to give me a rough and easy idea how it's performing. The injectors will be refurbished too, which is a cheap way to retrieve some lost power. Finally the suspension alignment will be set by someone who knows what they're doing!

The above should be finished in February, and the PBMW calendar for 2015 is out which looks pretty interesting! No hard decisions on which rounds to do but Silverstone GP, Zandvoort and Brands GP (again) would be great. We'll see.