I'm going to have a mini rant, with a twist... (nothing new there). I'm actually livid enough to write an article, more than can be said in a tweet!! The story on Autosport, that Palmer read about his replacement, (on Autosport), is obviously pretty terrible. Not looking at the decision here just the way it was executed, like everyone else. However, (and it's quite a big however), let's not jump on Enstone's back just yet. What I'd like to know, is from their original piece here https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/131722/sainz-renault-deal-sets-up-mclaren-changes

Now I have no problem with senior bosses in confidence, giving an indication of their preferences on the road ahead, strictly off the record if need be. It's up to their judgement if that source can be trusted not to break that confidence. But to divulge that a driver was on their way in, invariably meaning another was on their way out? Was that in confidence (even then, not great!) or under the agreement to wait until Palmer was informed? Was that confidence broken by Autosport? Did they know if Palmer had been informed, did they even ask? And if so, before they ran with the story, did they contact his media team, just out of courtesy?

I don't have all the facts, so I am absolutely not coming down on any one side, but I just want to point out that It stinks. Renault may, I say may, not be solely to blame here, which seems to be the common consensus as they are on the front line.

These are people's professional careers. Just because they earned a decent wedge, doesn't mean their jobs are any less indispensable than to the rest of us. Yeah the pay is rather good, but on the flip side they dedicate their lives to their careers. Please, let's not have sensationalist tabloid style journalism (if that is the case) in our sport. It should be better than this...

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