Had one of those impetuous moments (as usual) so last night I went to Halfords to buy some more primer and tools to start on the bonnet. Sadly they don't mix colours any more in store, but just as well as it's given me more time to prime the bonnet some more and smooth it down. Parts of it feel like a baby's bum!

I also worked out that my angle grinder is extremely versatile. Considering I only bought this to cut free a rotten exhaust back box from an S-Max it's become a very useful tool.

I'll get some hot pink spray this week and lacquer so I can at least see it start to take shape. May take the wings off and do those too. The bonnet has to come into the kitchen after spraying as it's nice and warm. That said, while the kids are away / in bed I may get newspaper down and spray it there for a nicer finish.