Some very slow progress on the car, it's not been a priority with the arrival of our kiddie number 3 in the house! But here's the story so far.


So the floor was rebuilt and the new sill tacked in place to line everything up. You can see the replacement door - sadly I left it in it's box lying on the kids' bikes so it has dents! Not as many as the last one tho...

Here we have the new wing, and the sill is more permanently in place, the door opens and shuts, now we just need the rear quarter building up. Slow but getting there!

Just a few pics of the rollcage being sprayed. Need another can as you can see, then I'll try to go over the overspray on the glass and inside, with some spirts and some fresh grey paint if need be. It looks a bit more presentable, just need another can to finish it off.


Finally, after nearly two years of graft, tears (almost), swearing and indeed blood, she's ready.

Needs no further explanation!